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Custom Steel Fabricators Serving a Global Market

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Industrial Air Corporation


IAC is centrally located in Memphis, Tennessee. We are a fully equipped steel fabrication shop that includes 4 acres of land, rail siding access, barge facility access, and a 20 ton mobile crane. We meet and exceed our customer’s requirements regardless of project size by maintaining 38,000 square feet under our roof.

With over 40 years of experience, we continue to provide superior quality, custom built products to our global customers. We specialize in bringing our customer’s vision into reality. Our team of experienced fabricators provide exceptional customer service to ensure your project is being completed with close attention to detail.

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Original logo created in 1976

IAC Is Dedicated To




Innovative Thinking


On Time Delivery


Continual Improvement


Competitive Pricing


Meeting and Exceeding Customer Expectations

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We Protect Our Customers

IAC has a fully comprehensive understanding of the industry based on years of experience. This allows us to take preventative measures which saves our customer time and money by anticipating and preventing possible issues before they arise.

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Industrial Air Corporation’s reputation was built through continual improvement, commitment to quality and an ability to take on tomorrow’s challenges. Our goal is to meet and exceed our customer’s requirements, standards, and expectations while delivering a perfect product on time, every time.

IAC strives for perfection.