Custom built bucket elevators of all shapes and sizes for the grain industries. Pullies with special lagging, head and tail sections with abrasive lining and quick access and clean-out doors and compartments.

Specialized material handling equipment supplied complete with all mechanical and electrical components. Our machine chop capabilities enhance our fabrication of mechanical equipment and allows us to produce even the most complex and precise machinery.

Over one million pounds of structural steel, conveyors, trusses with dust control systems and spouting, fabricated and shipped to a new facility on the Illinois River. Industrial Air Corporation's experience allows us to be competitive in all aspects of steel fabrication.

Heavy structural steel fabrication for receiving, crushing and conveying coal at a new facility in Kentucky.

Structural steel fabrication to meet your specifications and requirements, towers, supports structures, bents, building and miscellaneous.

Complete conveyor systems: belt, screw, drag, fabricated, assembled, wired, and test run if desired to meet your needs.

Complete turn key system cyclones, supports, dryer, duct, insulation, and complete erection of dryer system for paper mill operation.

Custom built hoppers, bins, tanks, cyclones, round, square or whatever shape to meet your specialized requirements. No equipment too complex, too heavy, or too large for our innovative personnel to produce. Industrial Air Corporation operates under several contractual arrangements to fabricate & stock our customers standard products.

Industrial Air Corporation specializes in all types of duct fittings, pipe, elbows and dampers of all shapes and sizes, from the lightest sheet metal to heavy wall pipe and plate. "No pipe duct fitting too small or too large."

Dust collecting equipment of all shapes and sizes of all alloys of steel and all finishes, primed, sandblasted, special coatings including galvanizing and options such as shop insulation, assembly, electrical and air testing, etc. Being innovated and growth minded, we welcome those projects that our structural and fabrication shops are eager to tackle. Support steel, access walkways, duct work and complete turn key installations available.